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1. Top 10 London events

1 - Matthew Higgs: Art Is To Enjoy - Higgs' work - which invariably takes the form of framed book pages, framed book covers and photographs of books - might productively be thought of as a form of 'found conceptual art'. For more than 12 years Higgs has worked within these self-consciously defined - but almost infinite - parameters. Rooted in countless hours spent in second-hand bookshops Higgs' re-contextualization of existing printed matter seeks to consider questions of authorship, uniqueness, labor (or lack thereof), vandalism, linguistics, typography, design (and its relationship with late-modernist abstraction), amongst other things. Until 10 August. www.wilkinsongallery.com LAST CHANCE

2 - To become like music - 'To Become Like Music' is an exhibition that explores the close relationship between music and painting in the late modernist period, 1945-1965, and examines the consequences for art of that relation. It uses the work of Nam June Paik, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Alexander Calder, Earle Brown and others to look at a period of two decades when painters' engagement with music, and musicians' engagement with the visual arts would transform the languages of both arts. Until 16 August. www.mummeryschnelle.com

3 - Richard Prince: - Continuation - Prince came to prominence in the 1980s through his celebrated series such as Cowboys, Jokes and Hoods, which appropriate images from magazines, popular culture and pulp fiction to create new photographs, sculptures and paintings that respond to ideas about American identity and consumerism. These works have been critical in challenging ideas of authorship and raising questions about the value of the ‘unique’ artwork. His exhibition at the Serpentine is a direct dialogue with his spaces, mirroring the installation of Prince’s work in his own buildings as well as responding to the Serpentine’s unique scale and location. Until 7 September. www.serpentinegallery.org

4 - Chantal Akerman - Chantal Akerman is widely regarded as one of the most significant artists and film directors of her generation. Her evocative films are full of atmosphere, emotion and angst, they are reminiscent of early French and American film noir as well as classics such as Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'. For this, her first solo exhibition in a UK public gallery, she shows two installations alongside a single screen film from 1972 'Hotel Monterey'. Until 14 September. www.camdenartscentre.org

5 - Mario Frangoulis - Mario Frangoulis is a tenor of the 21st Century, with the ability to sing everything from a hard-rock anthem to an operatic aria - ‘(with) a voice that breaks your heart – the one with caress-and-power combo that’s half a breath away from exploding into an aria – and another breath away from a simple but sensitive pop hook’ (The Herald). 19 September. www.royalalberthall.com

6 - Nigel Kennedy Quintet - For the first time, the Nigel Kennedy Quintet will undertake a tour of the UK, playing tracks from his brand new EMI recording 'A Very Nice Album'. Nigel was classically trained from an early age, however has always had an instinct for playing jazz. Whilst perfecting his classical violin skills at the Menuhin School it was a visit from jazz fiddler Stephane Grappelli that opened his ears to the instrument’s wider potential. Nigel Kennedy's Quintet was formed in Nigel’s adopted city of Krakow in Poland and is made up of some of Europe’s finest exponents of jazz. 23 September. www.classicfm.co.uk

7 - Classic FM Live - Join a multitude of stars at the Royal Albert Hall, for an evening of uplifting and inspirational music. Emma Johnson will be performing Mozart's Clarinet Concerto. While Alison Balsom, Alfie Boe and Kate Royal also take to the stage. Throughout the concert, you will be joined by Classic FM's Orchestra of the North West, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, with their dynamic conductor, Vasily Petrenko. 25 September. www.royalalberthall.com

8 - Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery- This extraordinary exhibition, recently shown at The Queen’s Gallery in Edinburgh, is selected from the collections of the Royal Library in collaboration with the distinguished naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. It brings together the works of four artists and a collector who have shaped our knowledge of the world around us. Leonardo da Vinci, Cassiano dal Pozzo, Alexander Marshal, Maria Sibylla Merian and Mark Catesby are diverse figures who shared a passion for enquiry and a fascination with the beautiful and bizarre in nature. All lived at a time when new species were being discovered around the world in ever increasing numbers.  Many of the plants and animals represented in the exhibition were then barely known in Europe.  Today some are commonplace, while others are extinct. Until 28 September. www.royalcollection.org.uk

9 - Hadrian: Empire and Conflict - Hadrian, emperor of Rome from 117 to 138 AD, is best known for his interest in architecture, his passion for Greece and Greek culture and of course the eponymous wall he built between England and Scotland. This exhibition will look beyond his established image and offer new perspectives on his life and rule, exploring the sharp contradictions of his personality and his role as a ruthless military commander. Set against the backdrop of the events of his 21-year reign, the exhibition will explore his immense legacy, incorporating recent scholarship and the latest archaeological discoveries from Tivoli, his spectacular villa near Rome. Until 26 October. www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk

10 - Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian - For the first time ever, this exhibition will trace the development of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century portrait painting, in both northern and southern Europe side by side. 'Renaissance Faces' will feature many of the great masters of the Renaissance, including Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Holbein, Cranach, Van Eyck and Dürer. The exhibition will comprise around seventy paintings, along with medals, sculptures, drawings and engravings. 'Renaissance Faces' will explore issues of likeness, memory and identity, examining portraits which were commissioned in connection with courtship, friendship and marriage – including self-portraits of artists themselves. From 15 October 2008 until 18 January 2009. www.nationalgallery.org.uk_________________________________________________________________________________

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