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1. Top 10 London events

1 - Roland Petit - Roland Petit is a ballet legend. France’s most famous – even notorious – choreographer revolutionised ballet with his work for Hollywood films and for his provocative, poetic theatricality. Petit epitomises the Left Bank creative expressionism of Paris, from owning and operating the Casino de Paris to marrying France’s most glamorous and seductive dancer, Zizi Jeanmaire. This is a rare opportunity to see Petit’s extraordinary work in London. Inspired by Daudet's short story, L'Arlésienne is about Federi's thwarted love for Vivette, the young girl from Arles, set to music especially composed by Bizet for the story. Roland Petit's drama of primordial power unfolds against the frame of the corps de ballet and a landscape by Van Gogh. From 20 July until 24 July. www.ballet.org.uk LAST CHANCE

2 - Thomas Struth: Photographs 1978 - 2010 - Life-sized images of tourists enraptured by art, intimate family portraits, epic panoramas of colossal technology projects and quiet pictures of empty streets, are all in the first UK survey of German artist Thomas Struth, one of the most important photographers of the late 20th century. Picturing subjects as diverse as places of worship, jungles and research laboratories, Struth once compared the space shuttle programme to the construction of the medieval cathedrals. His photographs reveal the cultural, psychological and historical undercurrents beneath the surface of modernity. Until 16 September. www.whitechapel.org

3 - Michelangelo Pistoletto - Michelangelo Pistoletto is one of the pre-eminent contemporary artists working today. Born in Biella, Italy, in 1933, Pistoletto was a leading figure in the development of both Arte Povera and conceptual art. In 1996, the artist established Cittadellarte: Fondazione Pistoletto, a centre for the study and promotion of creative production of all kinds. This interdisciplinary approach is an intrinsic part of his goal to unite the diverse strands of human civilisation through art. Until 17 September. www.serpentinegallery.org

4 - Jake & Dinos Chapman: Jake or Dinos Chapman - For the past year, Jake and Dinos have been working in separate studios to produce a series of works in isolation from each other. Only in the staging of this show will each become aware of what the other has done. Unlike Gilbert & George, for whom Jake and Dinos worked at times as studio assistants, their practice is not one of ‘singular duality’. They have always discussed, debated, argued and on occasion fought over creative and cultural ideas, but in this exhibition they will scrutinise and confront the whole idea of creative collaboration. Until 17 September. www.whitecube.com

5 - BP Portrait Award - On Tuesday 14 June 2011 the winner of the BP Portrait Award 2011 was announced at the National Portrait Gallery. In a record-breaking year for entries, the prestigious first prize was won by 57-year-old artist Wim Heldens, who has been exhibited twice before in the competition but shortlisted for the first time this year. His winning portrait, Distracted, is a picture of a 25-year-old student the artist has painted 17 times at different stages of his life. The Portrait Award, now in its 32nd year at the National Portrait Gallery and 22nd year of sponsorship by BP, is a highly successful annual event aimed at encouraging artists to focus upon, and develop, the theme of painted portraiture within their work. 55 portraits are selected for the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Until 18 September. http://npg.org.uk/

6 - Eyewitness: Hungarian Photography in the 20th Century - Brassaï, Robert Capa, André Kertész, László Moholy-Nagy and Martin Munkácsi each left Hungary to make their names in Germany, France and the USA, and are now known for the profound changes they brought about in photojournalism, as well as abstract, fashion and art photography. Others, such as Károly Escher, Rudolf Balogh and Jószef Pécsi remained in Hungary producing high-quality and innovatory photography. A display of approximately two hundred photographs ranging in date from c.1914–c.1989 will explore stylistic developments in photography and chart key historical events. These striking images will reveal the achievements of Hungarian photographers who left such an enduring legacy to international photography. Until 2 October. www.royalacademy.org.uk

7 - Gerhard Richter - This will be the first major retrospective of the work of Gerhard Richter (b. 1932) in London for over twenty years. The exhibition will be a chronological display grouping works into important phases of Richter's career.  It will include his photo-paintings (1962–7), early experiments with landscapes and cityscapes (1967–9), October 18 1977 (1988), a sequence of paintings based on images of the Baader-Meinhof group, and his squeegee paintings of the 1990s. The show will be punctuated by three glass constructions made in 1967, 1976 and 2002, and a room will be devoted to photographs, editions, prints, over-painted photographs and book spreads, showing the full variety of media in which Richter has worked. The exhibition will end with a room bringing together his most recent paintings, including September 2005, based on an image of the 9/11 attack. From 6 October 2011 until 8 January 2012. www.tate.org.uk/modern

8 - Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan - ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan’ is the most complete display of Leonardo’s rare surviving paintings ever held. This unprecedented exhibition – the first of its kind anywhere in the world – brings together sensational international loans never before seen in the UK. While numerous exhibitions have looked at Leonardo da Vinci as an inventor, scientist or draughtsman, this is the first to be dedicated to his aims and techniques as a painter. Inspired by the recently restored National Gallery painting, The Virgin of the Rocks, this exhibition focuses on Leonardo as an artist. In particular it concentrates on the work he produced as court painter to Duke Lodovico Sforza in Milan in the late 1480s and 1490s. From 9 November 2011 until 5 February 2012. www.nationalgallery.org.uk

9 - Sylvie Guillem - Widely recognised as one of the world’s greatest dancers, Sylvie Guillem stars in this evening of work by three of today’s most important choreographers; Mats Ek, William Forsythe and Jiří Kylián - for four nights only. After their successful collaboration in Wet Woman and Smoke, Swedish choreographer Mats Ek presents Ajö (Bye). A new solo created especially for Guillem and set to Beethoven’s last piano sonata, the piece has already been heralded as a “masterpiece” by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Nearly 20 years since he created the legendary In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated on a 22 year old Guillem, William Forsythe choreographs a brand new duet for Guillem and one of Teatro alla Scala’s biggest stars, Massimo Murru. Completing the evening is a duet from Kylián’s work 27’52” performed by dancers handpicked by the choreographer. From 22 September until 25 September. www.sadlerswells.com

10 - The Marriage of Figaro - Widely regarded as the greatest comic opera ever written, Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro whisks us through the whirlwind events of ‘one crazy day’ (to borrow Beaumarchais’s title for his original play) as Figaro, the Count’s valet, attempts to wed his beloved Susanna, the Countess’s maid, before their philandering master can bed her first. Following her much-praised ENO productions of Vaughan Williams’s Riders to the Sea and Henze’s Elegy for Young Lovers, leading stage and screen actress Fiona Shaw plots a path through The Marriage of Figaro’s moral maze of disguises, deceptions, sexual intrigue, mutual suspicion and mistaken identity. Former ENO Music Director Paul Daniel returns to conduct an impressive young cast led by Iain Paterson, recently admired at ENO in such diverse roles as Verdi’s Amonasro, Gounod’s Mephistopheles, Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Wagner’s Amfortas, as Figaro and Kate Valentine as the predatory Count’s long-suffering but all-forgiving wife. From 5 October until 10 November. www.eno.org


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