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1. Top 10 London events

1 - Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur - A rare chance to see paintings in the royal collection of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, Jodhpur. The exhibition features a loan of 56 paintings from India, none of which have been displayed before in Europe. It is a fantastic opportunity to experience the unique art tradition that flourished in the royal courts between the 17th and 19th centuries. Until 23 August. www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk LAST CHANCE

2 - Classified - Classified focuses on the way artists use ordering systems in their work, exploring how our need to classify affects our perception of the world. The exhibition addresses this desire to collect, order and categorise, and will show how artists often use these networks and relationships in ways that reveal the inherent instability of meaning. The works in this exhibition employ a variety of methods and approaches, but are united by the artists’ engagement with the ways we all codify the objects and images that surround us as part of our daily life. Classified offers visitors to Tate Britain the opportunity to see exceptional works by leading contemporary artists and to explore the recent development of Tate’s outstanding collection. Artists represented in the exhibition are: Phillip Allen, Gillian Carnegie, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Martin Creed, Tacita Dean, Jeremy Deller, Mark Dion, Ceal Floyer, Damien Hirst, Simon Patterson, Peter Peri, Fiona Rae, Simon Starling, and Rebecca Warren. Until 23 August. www.tate.org.uk LAST CHANCE

3 - Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. - Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. is an exhibition that takes an imaginative and expansive look at text-based art practices from the 1960s to the present day. In particular the exhibition is inspired by the example of Concrete Poetry, a movement that flowered in the 60s but which is now largely forgotten. Concrete Poetry explored the graphic potential of language alongside its poetic and literary possibilities, and so too do the works in this exhibition, which includes works by figures who emerged in the 60s alongside those of younger, contemporary artists. Until 25 August. www.ica.org.uk

4 - Jeff Koons: Popeye Series - The Popeye Series incorporates ideas that are central to the artist’s work, including surreal combinations of everyday objects, art historical references and children’s toys. The paintings in the Popeye Series combine disparate found images with images of the inflatables and readymades used in the sculptures, while the sculptures themselves continue Koons’s interest in juxtaposing cast aluminium exact replicas of inflatable pool toys with other readymade objects. Until 13 September. www.serpentinegallery.org

5 - Tom Hunter - The retrospective spans four significant bodies of work and features two previously unseen works by one of Britain's most important fine art photographers. The exhibitions will encompass twenty two large format works which have never been exhibited together before. Taking as his muse the people of Hackney, East London, Hunter draws on the language of old master paintings, deploying their gestures, lighting and composition to imbue his subjects with a sense of drama and dignity. Until 18 September. www.arts.ac.uk

6 - Radical Nature - Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969–2009 - The beauty and wonder of nature have provided inspiration for artists and architects for centuries. Since the 1960s, the increasingly evident degradation of the natural world and the effects of climate change have brought a new urgency to their responses. Radical Nature is the first exhibition to bring together key figures across different generations who have created utopian works and inspiring solutions for our ever-changing planet. Radical Nature draws on ideas that have emerged out of Land Art, environmental activism, experimental architecture and utopianism. The exhibition is designed as one fantastical landscape, with each piece introducing into the gallery space a dramatic portion of nature. Until 18 October. www.barbican.org.uk

7 - The Tower Music Festival - Now in its fourth year, the Tower festival will take place from 10-20 September at the historic and prestigious Tower of London, the royal palace and fortress on the banks of the River Thames in London. Buy tickets

8 - Rigoletto - Brilliantly relocating the original Renaissance court setting of Verdi’s great revenge drama to the vendetta-driven culture of 1950s Mafia-run New York, Jonathan Miller’s ‘Little Italy’ staging of Rigoletto was acclaimed as a classic when it was first seen in 1982 and has remained in ENO’s repertoire ever since. For its latest revival, leading Verdi baritone Anthony Michaels-Moore, who has sung the title role to acclaim in Brussels, Vienna and the Netherlands, now sings it for the first time on the British stage. From 21 September until 20 October. www.eno.org

9 - Kandinsky Prize in London - Kandinsky Prize in London will introduce some of the most innovative young artists working in Russia today. Oleg Kulik has been invited to curate an exhibition that will take shape with a selection of artists represented in the Kandinsky Prize exhibition in Moscow, chosen by a panel of curators and art and media publishers and writers to represent the diversity of styles and forms that new art in Russia is producing. Kandinsky Prize in London will be on view at the Louise Blouin Foundation, 3 Olaf Street, Holland Park. From 15 October until 20 December.

10 - David Chipperfield - Form Matters - One of the most important architects working today, David Chipperfield produces subtle and sophisticated buildings with an acute sensitivity for materials and a powerful awareness of their environment. This major exhibition celebrates his work for the first time in the UK and spans his entire career to date, including such acclaimed projects as the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames, and the Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach, Germany, winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture 2007. The exhibition also illustrates important public commissions including the reconstruction of the Neues Museum in Berlin, and The Hepworth Wakefield gallery. This detailed survey examines a range of projects through new and archive models, sketches, drawings, photographs and film. From 21 October 2009 – 31 January 2010. www.designmuseum.org


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