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1. Top 10 London events

1 - Russian State Philharmonic Orchestra - Zurich International Concert Series 2008/09 - Programme includes Rimsky Korsakov: Russian Easter Festival Overture, Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No.2 and Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6. Great Russian orchestra presents a passionate all-Russian programme. The father/daughter, conductor and soloist, combination of Valery and Tatiana Poliansky is sure to make for an interesting performance of Shostakovich’s popular piano concerto. The concert concludes with Tchaikovsky’s final composition, Symphony No.6, ‘Pathétique’. 12 February. www.cadoganhall.com

2 - Sisley in England and Wales - Alfred Sisley (1839–99) was born in Paris to English parents. He remained a British subject throughout his life. However, he only took on two painting campaigns in the UK – once in 1874, and again in 1897. This exhibition will bring together these two groups of paintings for the first time. Executed almost a quarter of a century apart, they reveal Sisley at two of the most creative moments of his life. The earlier works, dating from the year of the first Impressionist exhibition, were created with the impetus of collective innovations in painting back in France. They include depictions of London and the surrounding area. The later group, which were painted near the end of the artist's life, show remarkable maturity and bravura skill. They portray the ruggedly beautiful coast of Wales. Until 15 February. www.nationalgallery.org.uk LAST CHANCE

3 - Indian Highway - Following the remarkable and rapid economic, social and cultural developments in India in recent years, Indian Highway is a timely presentation of the pioneering work being made in the country today. The culmination of extensive research across India, this group exhibition is a snapshot of a vibrant generation of artists working across a range of media. Until 22 February. www.serpentinegallery.org

4 - Howard Hodgkin - The etchings and lithographs that dominate Hodgkin’s prints of the last twenty-five years are, like most prints, produced as a series of layers. But, as well as employing the more formal processes of printmaking, Hodgkin has broken many of the rules of the craft. With the introduction of hand colouring in 1977, he was able to bring the spontaneity and directness of his paintings into his graphic work. The results on show here are among the most stunning effects of colour and surface in contemporary printmaking. Until 28 February. www.howardhodgkin.org.uk

5 - Berlin Symphony Orchestra - Konzerthausorchester Berlin - Lothar Zagrosek conductor with Ernst Kovacic violin. Programme includes Haydn: Symphony No.87 in A major, Mendelssohn: Violin concerto and Beethoven: Symphony No.3 in E flat major 'Eroica'. Haydn’s later symphonies reveal his mastery of the form and must have been known by his pupil, Beethoven, whose own career spans both the late 18th century and the turbulent years of the early 19th. Beethoven’s later works, in turn, profoundly influenced the young Mendelssohn who seems the natural heir to the Romantic tradition. 4 March. www.cadoganhall.com

6 - Traces - Combining awe-inspiring circus training with infectious urban energy, four men and one woman give dazzling, gravity defying displays of skill, balancing casually on each other's heads, or tumbling through hoops and leaping spectacularly up giant poles without using their hands. But Traces is more than just a display of acrobatic brilliance, as snippets of the performers' real lives are revealed through film clips, narration and music. We are gradually drawn into their story, and by the final, dramatic climax of the show, the audience is on the edge of their seats, willing them to pull off the seemingly impossible. From 3 February until 14 March. www.sadlerswells.com

7 - Lindsay Seers - In a recent visit to Stockholm, the artist photographed anything that was associated with her step-sister, Christine, and followed streams of associations and connections attempting to reconstruct a past in which characters move across history and slip from one person to another. Within the gallery, a viewing chamber forms part of a sculptural installation housing a double-screen video projection and two monitor works that use several characters to stage the differences between enlightenment and modern thought on art, philosophy and science. Drawing on historical theories of vision, Seers creates highly personal narratives by interweaving concepts of science, philosophy and photographic theory into the work, in an ongoing investigation into how cinematic and photographic technologies shape us. These narratives are punctuated by incredible plot devices – stalkings, burglaries, shipwrecks – that mimic the rupture at the heart of image production, creating a dramatisation of selfhood in all its melancholy and failure. Until 15 March. www.mattsgallery.org

8 - Unique forms - Boccioni was perhaps the most significant of the five artists associated with the first wave of Futurist painting. Equally articulate with verbal and visual imagery, Boccioni went on to become the foremost theorist of Futurist aesthetics, which he expounded with tremendous energy and rigour in his tract Futurist Painting and Sculpture published in 1914, two years prior to his untimely death during a military exercise. The power and energy of Boccioni's thought and work remains exhilarating to this day, and familiarisation with his ideas and imagery makes it clear that the First World War deprived modernism of one of its most talented and promising artists. Until 19 April. www.estorickcollection.com

9 - Jane & Louise Wilson and Stanley Kubrick - Unfolding the Aryan Papers - Stanley Kubrick, the enigmatic, highly influential and often controversial filmmaker is the inspiration for the latest project by leading British artists Jane & Louise Wilson. They have delved into the Stanley Kubrick Archive to create a 35mm film installation. This work focuses on Kubrick’s unfinished project Aryan Papers, a film about the Holocaust, based on Wartime Lies, the 1991 book by Louis Begley, which tells the story of a Polish Jewish woman and her nephew who pretend to be Catholic in order to avoid persecution during the Nazi occupation of their country. Kubrick researched the film in great detail for many years and got as far as choosing the actors and the locations but in the end it was never made. Jane & Louise Wilson have focused on wardrobe research and Unfolding the Aryan Papers concentrates on newly-shot footage of Johanna ter Steege, the actress featured in the photographs originally taken by Stanley Kubrick and chosen by him as the female lead in the film. From 13 February until 19 April. www.bfi.org.uk/gallery

10 - Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism - Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism will explore the work of Alexander Rodchenko and Lyubov Popova between 1917 and 1929. Arguably two of the Russian avant-garde’s most influential and important artists, they were integral to the stylistic and theoretical underpinning of Russian Constructivism. With over 350 objects, this exhibition charts the evolution of their aesthetics from abstract painting to graphic design and will include their designs for cinema and theatre as well as numerous posters, books, and costumes. From 12 February until 17 May. www.tate.org.uk/modern


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