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1. Top 10 London events

1 - Cildo Meireles - Cildo Meireles  is widely recognised as one of the leaders in the international development of Conceptual art. This exhibition is the first extensive presentation of the artist’s work in the UK. Revealing how he is particularly fascinated by scale, the works range from an object in the form of a small ring to an installation covering 225 square metres. Meireles has made some of the most philosophically brilliant, politically telling and aesthetically seductive works in recent art. Since the late 1960s he has created sculptures and installations which involve an element of participation. His deep interest in the relationship between the sensorial and the cerebral, the body and the mind, is now seen as one of the defining characteristics of the post-war Brazilian avant-garde, out of which Meireles emerged with his early works at the end of the 1960s. He has remained loyal to these origins, and to a political and ethical viewpoint formed outside the so-called cultures of plenty. Until 11 January. www.tate.org.uk/modern

2 - Fernando Ortega - The exhibition presents a new body of work articulating Ortega's delicate experimentation in the translation of sound into visual registers. The artist reactivates traditional performances and dormant instruments while generating resonances between visual and sonorous occurrences. In the making of his work, Ortega seems to share Sol LeWitt's conviction that 'irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely and logically'. Ortega's practice sees the artist thoroughly pursue an idea that can at first appear unachievable due to practical impediments. His works rely on fortuitous and apparently inconsequential circumstances; ephemeral situations capable of bridging intellectual pursuits with powerful sensorial experiences. Until 17 January. www.lissongallery.com

3 - Edward Scissorhands - Matthew Bourne and New Adventures are back with their latest creation: a magical new adaptation of the classic Tim Burton motion picture Edward Scissorhands. A Christmas treat for all the family, this touching and witty gothic fairytale tells the story of a boy created by an eccentric inventor who dies leaving him alone and unfinished. Left with only scissors for hands, Edward must find his place in a strange new suburban world where the well meaning community struggle to see past his strange appearance to the innocence and gentleness within. Matthew will be teaming up with set designer Lez Brotherston and composer Terry Davies, who will take the original film score by Danny Elfman and adapt it especially for the stage. Until 17 January. Buy tickets

4 - Carmina Burana - Never seen before in the UK, but enjoyed by over a million people across the rest of the world, Monumental Classics' production of Carmina Burana aims to take the classical music experience to a new level. Franz Abraham, the creator of the production, brings Carl Orff's masterpiece to life with over 250 performers, including the world-renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Brighton Festival Chorus and Youth Choir, as well as dancers, actors and singers. January 17 & 18. Buy tickets

5 - GSK Contemporary - The Royal Academy of Arts launched GSK Contemporary, a new eclectic three month season of exhibitions and events. GSK Contemporary shows international artists, surveys emerging trends and provides a new platform for experimentation, discussion and debate within the contemporary visual arts. On entering the building, visitors are greeted by Swiss artist Rémy Markowitsch’s suspended lightsculpture,
Onion Options. The Berlin-based painter Maya Roos uses the computer software Norton to break down and colour code the work of an individual and create a ‘portrait’ through the hard disk of the subject’s personal computer. The large painting, Portrait by Speed Disk: Malcolm is unveiled in the ground floor entrance gallery. Until 19 January. www.royalacademy.org.uk

6 - Bob Dylan - This exhibition documents not only the revered singer-songwriter, or the award-winning film director but the relationship between the two – a friendship that led to some truly extraordinary images. In more than 40 years of photography and cinema, Schatzberg has achieved great acclaim. This, his first UK Dylan exhibition, celebrates the enormous talent of both the photographer and his subject. Best known for his iconic Blonde on Blonde album cover, Schatzberg’s exciting and personal archive exposes Dylan at his most enigmatic - giving viewers the exclusive opportunity to view the collection. Until 28 January. www.proud.co.uk

7 - Babylon: Myth and Reality - For two thousand years the myth of Babylon has haunted the European imagination. The Tower of Babel and the Hanging Gardens, Belshazzar’s Feast and the Fall of Babylon have inspired artists, writers, poets, philosophers and film makers. Over the past two hundred years, archaeologists have slowly pieced together the ‘real’ Babylon – an imperial capital, a great centre of science, art and commerce. The exhibition explores the continuing dialogue between the Babylon of our imagination and the historic evidence for one of the great cities of antiquity at the moment of its climax and eclipse. Until 15 March. www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk

8 - The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster - Tate Modern unveils the latest commission in The Unilever Series. TH.2058 by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster looks 50 years into the future, as the inhabitants of London take shelter in the Turbine Hall from a never-ending rain. Filled with 200 bunk beds scattered with books,the animal forms of gargantuan sculptures, a massive LED screen playing edited extracts from science-fiction and experimental films, and piercing lights that suggest some unseen surveillance, the Turbine Hall has taken on the appearance of an epic film set. TH.2058 is an exploration of some of the artistic ideas that have preoccupied Gonzalez-Foerster over the last twenty years. The notion of the shelter, for instance, is partly inspired by her ideas of both real and fictional situations when London has been under attack, whether by flooding, bombing or invasion. It can also be traced back to her series Chambres, a sequence of environments which recreated fictional or personal and domestic spaces. Until 13 April. www.tate.org.uk/modern

9 - Hussein Chalayan - This exhibition will be the first comprehensive presentation of Hussein Chalayan’s work in the UK. Spanning fifteen years of experimental projects, the exhibition explores Hussein Chalayan's creative approach, his inspirations and the many themes which influence his work such as cultural identity, displacement and migration. Exhibits will include ‘Afterwords’ which explores the notion of ‘wearable, portable architecture’ in which furniture literally transforms itself into garments; ‘Airborne’ bringing the latest LED technology to fashion design with a spectacular dress consisting of Swarovski crystals and over 15,000 flickering LED lights; ‘Before Minus Now’ a dress made of materials used in aircraft construction which changes shape by remote control and ‘Readings’ a dress comprising of over 200 moving lasers presenting an extraordinary spectacle of light. From 22 January until 17 May. www.designmuseum.org

10 - Picasso: Challenging the Past - Displaying some 60 works by the artist, this exhibition invites visitors to re-explore the National Gallery’s permanent collection in light of Picasso’s fascination with the Old Masters. The exhibition is organised thematically, showing how Picasso repeatedly returned to the great subjects of the European painting tradition, analysing them as his personal style developed in myriad directions. Sections include self portraits, the Spanish tradition of male portraiture, the female nude, still life, and the seated female figure. From 25 February until 7 June. www.nationalgallery.org.uk


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