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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




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1. Top 10 London events

1 - Hänsel und Gretel - Is that the wind whispering or a wicked witch planning to fatten you up and eat you? Find out with Hansel and Gretel in this funny-scary-touching opera – perfect family fare from The Royal Opera for everyone at holiday time. In this famous fairytale, two children become lost in a forest and are captured by a witch whose gingerbread house proves too much of a temptation. In an explosive climax the defeated witch gets a taste of her own culinary methods, and there is a rousing happy ending as parents and children are happily and safely reunited. Until 1 January. www.roh.org.uk

2 - Turandot - The Royal Opera - The Ice Princess returns this Season with her hot-blooded Prince once more ready to challenge, thaw and win her. Turandot is one of the most famously spectacular productions of The Royal Opera, evoking in Andrei Serban’s now-classic staging the pageantry, colour and savagery of ancient China that forms the setting for Puccini’s great and final opera. It is an oriental fairytale of disguised identities, riddles, ritual executions and – of course – powerful, triumphant love. Besides its great tenor aria ‘Nessun dorma’, the music ranges from the exotic and portentous as the moon rises at the start, through the grandeur and mysticism of Turandot’s riddles, to the tragic beauty of the servant girl Liù’s appeals to and final sacrifice for her beloved master, Prince Calaf. From 22 December until 8 January. www.roh.org.uk

3 - Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008 - In quite the largest selection in some years, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008 introduces the work of 57 artists. Open to all final year graduates and post-graduates of Fine Art at British Colleges and Universities, this year's submission attracted over 1400 applications. Until 11 January. www.newcontemporaries.org.uk

4 - Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms - No artist living in the second half of the 20th century has made a deeper impression on popular culture and consciousness than Andy Warhol (1928-87). The Hayward presents a major exhibition that brings a fresh perspective to his work, showing works from the 1950s through to the 1980s. The exhibition presents Warhol’s films, screen-tests, videos and television programmes, which combined with extraordinary archive material, seminal paintings and installations, illuminates his creative process. Until 18 January. www.hayward.org.uk

5 - This Is War! Robert Capa at Work - Gerda Taro On the Subject of War - Robert Capa is one of the leading photographers of the twentieth century and defined how modern warfare was photographed. This exhibition, which includes over 150 images, some never-before-seen photographs and newly discovered documents, illuminates Capa’s working process and features many of the photographs that have become iconic images of war. The talented and groundbreaking German photographer, Gerda Taro spent her brief but dramatic career photographing the Spanish Civil War alongside Robert Capa, her lover and collaborator. She was one of the first female photographers to work on the frontline and the first to be killed in action in 1937, aged just 26, whilst covering the battle for the city of Brunete. Taro’s unflinching images of the casualties of war, distinguished by her experimentation with the dynamic camera angles of New Vision photography, are a remarkable contribution to the tradition of war photography. Until 25 January. www.barbican.org.uk

6 - Mark Rothko - This is the first significant exhibition of his work to be held in the UK for over 20 years. Tate Modern's iconic 'Rothko Room' works are reunited for the first time with works from Japan. Rothko’s iconic paintings, composed of luminous, soft-edged rectangles saturated with colour, are among the most enduring and mysterious created by an artist in modern times. In the exhibition his paintings glow meditatively from the walls in deep dark reds, oranges, maroons, browns, blacks, and greys. Until 1 February. www.tate.org.uk/modern

7 - Saul Steinberg Illuminations - Saul Steinberg was an American artist whose magic lit up the pages and covers of The New Yorker for six decades. Our winter exhibition is a retrospective which features more than a hundred drawings, collages and sculptural assemblages by the artist. Until 15 February. www.dulwichpicturegallery.org.uk

8 - Indian Highway - Following the remarkable and rapid economic, social and cultural developments in India in recent years, Indian Highway is a timely presentation of the pioneering work being made in the country today. The culmination of extensive research across India, this group exhibition is a snapshot of a vibrant generation of artists working across a range of media. Until 22 February. www.serpentinegallery.org

9 - Magnificence of the Tsars - The grandeur of Imperial Russia is captured in this display of the dress and uniforms of Emperors and officials of the Russian court. Starting in the 1720s with the lavishly embroidered coats and elaborately patterned silk banyans from the wardrobe of Tsar Peter II, the display spans a period of almost two centuries. Until 29 March. www.vam.ac.uk

10 - Gerhard Richter's portraits - A groundbreaking exhibition devoted to one of the greatest living painters opens at the National Portrait Gallery on 26 February 2009. Gerhard Richter Portraits is the first major exhibition to show a selection of Richter's portraits across the entire span of his career. Dating from the 1960s to the present, it includes important early black-and-white paintings made from magazine photographs, works based on private snapshots, a special installation of his celebrated series 48 Portraits, and a never-previously exhibited portrait of his daughter Ella. Richter is widely regarded as one of the world's leading contemporary artists, a complex figure whose work from the early 1960s has moved between photographically derived figurative imagery and brightly coloured abstract painting. Until 31 May. www.npg.org.uk


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