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Treasures from the Barber Institute of Fine Arts - This display forms part of an extensive programme of events to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Birmingham. The Institute wad founded in December 1932 by Hattie, Lady Barber (1869-1933), widow of the late Sir Henry Barber, Bt (1860-1927), a highly successful Birmingham property developer and lawyer. It was funded by the bequest of their substantial fortune to the Henry Barber Trust. Unlike the Wallace Collection, also founded by the widow of a very wealthy man, there was no significant accompanying fine art collection (although Lady Barber did acquire some good tapestries, textiles and lace). The Barber, which opened in July 1939 as a centre of excellence 'for the study and encouragement of art and music', therefore developed its art collection almost exclusively through purchase. Until 1 September.

The Discovery of Paris: Watercolours by Early Nineteenth-Century British Artists - The Discovery of Paris, few exhibitions could have a more appealing theme. Focusing on the period c. 1802-40 and featuring sixty watercolours, plus a dozen preparatory drawings and associated prints, this exhibition includes outstanding works by Turner, Girtin and Bonington, and other artists who are now less familiar, such as Thomas Shotter Boys and William Callow. The beautiful Parisian views they chose are often the same as those painted by the artists we can see today selling their pictures in Montmartre or on the banks of the Seine. The Discovery of Paris charts the remarkable contribution of the British to the iconography of Paris, depicting the French capital as it became the major destination for mass middle-class tourism that it has remained ever since. From 20 June until 15 September.


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