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Exposiciones actuales:

Take Another Look - One of the themes explored in the gallery is the way that African-Caribbean people have been perceived and portrayed in Britain from the 17th century through to the present day. Leslie’s remarkable collection records the changes that have taken place in visual portrayal, from crude record, racist caricature, and then sympathetic portrait. Take Another Look will display a range of items from the period 1714 – 1830 showing people from the African Diaspora in unexpected roles, such as sldiers, musicians, sportsmen. Visitors will be encouraged to see and discuss how images were manipulated for political purposes. The prints and ephemera will be accompanied by a film made with Leslie Ikomi, curators and members of the community. Until 14 August 2013.

London, Sugar & Slavery - Visit the only permanent exhibition to examine London’s involvement in transatlantic slavery in our thought-provoking new gallery, London, Sugar & Slavery, In the setting of this historic sugar warehouse, challenge long-held beliefs that abolition was initiated by politicians and be touched by the real objects, personal stories and vibrant art and music that have left their legacy on the capital today.


Museo en Docklands
West India Quay
Canary Wharf
London E14 4AL


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