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Exposiciones actuales:

Oboe da Camera - Canadian ensemble Four Centuries of Bach perform sonatas for oboe and basso continuo by Handel, Telemann, CPE Bach and Hotteterre. Four Centuries of Bach are John Abberger (oboe), Amanda Keesmaat (cello) and Dongsok Shin (harpsichord). 23 May.

Voyage Across the Fingerboard - Harpsichordist Petra Hajduchova takes us on a journey across Europe and explores the musical styles of Italy, Germany, France and Bohemia. 30 May.

La Follia - La Follia Duo present La Follia by Corelli, a sonata by JS Bach arranged for flute and cello and works by Telemann for two solo instruments. La Follia Duo are Sara Minelli (flute), Katy Whittle (cello). 6 June.

Around the Scandalous Virtuosi Louis Marchand - Harpsichordist Asako Ogawa explores the music of Louis Marchand (1669-1732), one of the most famous keyboard virtuosi of his day. The programme unfolds the music of contemporary masters who crossed their paths with this scandalous celebrity. 13 June.

Handel and Mrs Cibber - Handel and Mrs Cibber is an affectionate evocation of the great friendship of the composer with one of his favourite singers. This musical portrait is a celebration of word and music and will be performed by Sue Powell (writer), Nancy Cole (mezzo-soprano) and Julian Perkins (harpsichord). 15 June.

A Noble Entertainment - The Parnassian Ensemble presents virtuoso baroque works by Handel, Purcell and Croft along with other composers known to Brook Street’s most illustrious 18th century resident. The Parnassian Ensemble are Sophie Middleditch and Helen Hooker (recorders), Lynden Cranham (baroque cello) and David Pollock (harpsichord). 20 June.


Handel House Museo, 25 Brook Street, London, W1K 4HB (entrada por la parte de atrás, en Lancashire Court).
Horario de apertura: de martes a sábado, de 10:00 de la mañana a 6:00 de la tarde; jueves, de 10:00 de la mañana a 8:00 de la tarde; domingo, de las 12:00 del mediodía a las 6:00 de la tarde (última entrada media hora antes de cerrar). Precios: £5 adultos, £4,50 concesiones; £2 niños o GRATIS los sábados.

Handel House museo

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